EziG: plug-and-play enzyme immobilization

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Immobilization should be effortless

Historically speaking, biocatalysis has been difficult. Not only do you need to engineer an enzyme with high activity, but you also need to figure out how to purify that enzyme and use it in a cost-effective manner. This has limited the use of enzymes as catalysts.

Imagine that things were different: that a good enzyme was good enough; that all you needed to do was find an enzyme with reasonable activity and then immobilization was practically effortless; that the liquid handling aspects of purification were easy; that you could readily perform biocatalysis in flow without washing away your precious enzymes.

With EnginZyme’s universal immobilization matrix EziG, this is now reality.

With just a simple His-tag, EziG (pronounced “Easy G”) can bind nearly any enzyme with almost no loss in activity. You are no longer stuck with the undesirable choice of either not immobilizing at all or going through a long, tedious project to find a way to immobilize without losing significant activity.

EziG facilitates the rapid development of cost-effective enzymatic solutions by enabling immobilization without requiring extensive optimization. That means you save time and money on development costs. It means that binding will always be a simple, standardized, and robust procedure. EziG is universal. It just works. Not only does this always make immobilization an option – it makes it the default option.

General and reliable

Works with all enzyme types through the use of tags. The same material, any enzyme, all relevant conditions.

Easy to use

No tedious optimization required, any His-tagged enzyme will bind in active form through a simple and fast procedure.

High capacity

Large surface area and effective enzyme binding ensures high surface coverage — up to 30% active enzyme by weight.

High activity

Gentle and non-destructive binding through His-tags, on a porous carrier with minimal mass transfer limitations. Immobilized can be as active as dissolved!

Activity in organic media

EziG is the ideal support for transforming your biocatalysis process to a highly loaded efficient system without downstream processing issues.

Ideal for flow chemistry

A non-swelling and robust material with excellent fluid properties, filled with active enzyme. Get ready to pack your column.

"We have found EziG to be a very general and versatile platform for enzyme immobilisation and currently use it as the preferred option for all of our biocatalysts"

Prof. Nicholas J. Turner, Manchester Institute of Biotechnology

“The application of biocatalysts is our number 1 technology for chiral synthesis. EnginZyme’s technology has been a very powerful tool for this purpose”

Prof. Tom Moody, VP Technology Development & Commercialisation, Almac

“I have been really impressed with EnginZyme’s expertise”

Dr. Keith Mulholland, Associate Principal Scientist (Biocatalysis), AstraZeneca


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