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EnginZyme awarded prestigious Eurostars grant

EnginZyme has been awarded a €2.75 million Eurostars grant as part of a consortium with LenioBio GmbH and Wageningen University & Research. The project, known as HiT-GlyP, will be funded for three years to develop the first high-throughput glycoprotein production and manufacturing system.

EnginZyme will contribute to the consortium with its universal enzyme immobilisation technology, demonstrated through the successful immobilisation and utilisation of all enzyme classes – enabling the full industrial potential of immobilised enzyme catalysts. The HiT-GlyP project will be funded for three years with the €2.75 million Eurostars grant. Today, about 96% of the protein drug development efforts fail because of problems with protein stability, bioavailability, or toxicity issues, all primarily caused by erroneous protein glycosylation. The HiT-GlyP project aims to democratise glycoengineering by facilitating the creation and evaluation of single glycosomal proteins. The project seeks an end-to-end solution by enabling advanced screening methodologies and then developing novel biomanufacturing workflows, accelerating the time to market for glycoengineered biologics. This will enable the development and production of new protein-based drugs with improved therapeutic properties in a few days rather than years.

“This is a great opportunity to collaborate with our distinguished consortium partners and advance the knowledge of protein glycosylation to create an impact on society,” said Dr Karim Engelmark Cassimjee, CEO and co-founder at EnginZyme. “When the first reliable method for precision engineering of glycoproteins goes online, novel, exciting technology will open up completely new market segments, with extensive benefits across basic research, applied screening and glycoprotein biologics manufacturing.”

Link to LenioBio GmbH press release

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