The cell-free biomanufacturing platform

Our ground-breaking cell-free biomanufacturing platform unlocks the potential of enzymes to make sustainable chemistry a reality Explore

A best-in-class approach that combines the power of biology with the efficiencies of the chemical industry. A truly sustainable solution that is effective and economical.

EnginZyme provides a novel cell-free biomanufacturing platform empowered by a disruptive core technology based on enzyme immobilisation.

Mimicking how nature operates in the cell, using multi-step enzymatic reactions, we create tailored, stable, solid biocatalysts without needing the cell itself. Replacing a complex cell and sensitive bioreactors, we operate versatile biocatalysts in standard chemical industry fixed bed reactors in continuous operation.

The biocatalysts are designed in our highly automated lab by combining our proprietary enzyme engineering with our high performance, patented immobilisation technology.

To truly unlock the potential of enzymes, we incorporate multi-faceted reactor and process engineering in our development programs.

This broad approach goes beyond designing just the biocatalysts, and allows us to develop commercially viable bioprocesses for a range of applications.

Our approach

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Stable heterogeneous multi-reaction catalysts

We combine a series of enzymes, a cascade, out of the cell and immobilise them on our proprietary technology EziG®. Through enzyme cascades, we can synthesise a broad range of products using complex reactions. When improving the enzymes, we focus on increasing the stability of the biological catalyst system, enabling extensive reusability in continuous operation. The cascades are immobilised on EziG which is a universal solution and maintains full enzyme activity. The result is a heterogeneous catalyst similar to what is already well understood by the chemical industry.

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Continuous flow operation

The development of stable solid catalysts, enables us to use our unique biocatalysts in continuous flow operation. This is standard within industry for cost efficient operation and enables easy and reliable production scale-up. The use of continuous operation also adds inherent benefits such as higher throughput and increased quality with lower energy consumption.

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Automated biocatalyst design

Automation is core to all activities at EnginZyme. EziG’s inherent properties and the generality of our solution allows the use of robotics and automation, high throughput screening, multifactorial analysis and machine learning. The capability of repurposing any biocatalyst in an automated manner makes enzymatic catalyst development faster than ever before, and its applicability throughout every development step enables fast, repeatable results from multi-variable screening.

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Process engineering and scale-up

Contrary to many companies designing enzyme solutions, EnginZyme does not only focus on the performance of the catalyst. Instead we will evaluate and design a complete process solution from starting material to product, encompassing reaction kinetics, purification modelling, economic evaluation and lab validation. By working closely with the enzyme engineering and catalyst development teams, the process engineering team can influence the screening of the biocatalyst, enabling the design for the optimal economic solution without unnecessary iterations. By designing with the end commercial solution in mind, the scale-up of the process will be faster with mitigated risk.