Our technology


The breadth, power, and sustainability of biology. The efficiency of the chemical industry.

Our technology platform integrates advanced materials, automation, machine learning, flow reactors and biological advancements to unlock the potential of nature for use in industrial processes.

We take the best parts of synthetic biology — multi-step enzymatic reactions, and eliminate the worst bits — chassis design, flux, promotors, regulators and other complexities needed to engineer living cells. Instead we replace all that with a simple alternative: highly stable enzymes immobilised on our patented supports applied in fixed bed reactors — the gold standard for bulk chemistry.

The EnginZyme advantages

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General enzyme immobilisation

The core enabler to continuous flow cascade biocatalysis is our universal immobilisation technology EziG. With just a simple His-tag, EziG can bind nearly any enzyme with almost no loss in activity. This can be a single enzyme or a cascade, mimicking an intracellular process. The benefits of EziG are maximized when applied in flow mode, in a packed bed reactor. The interconnecting pores, non-swelling nature and high active enzyme content gives unprecedented space-time yield and productivity, without advanced equipment.

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Automated optimisation

We have developed a highly automated process which enables rapid prototyping of immobilised enzyme formulations with automated dispensing of the EziG support, liquid handling robotics, and high-throughput analytic platforms. Combined with custom software for designing and execute complex multifactorial screens, this provides us with maximum flexibility in moving between reliable standardized procedures and experimental protocols customized for individual clients.

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State-of-the-art enzyme engineering

EnginZyme’s enzyme engineering team focuses on developing stable, high-performance enzymes optimised for immobilisation. First, the team makes extensive use of its broad expertise in protein engineering and cloud-deployed bioinformatic tools to predict improved enzyme performance — particularly stability — by designing minimal sequence sets for experimental validation. Second, dedicated high-throughput screening capabilities enables the team to deliver bespoke, high-performance enzymes for EnginZyme processes with unmatched speed and flexibility.