Making biocatalysis your first choice
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About us

EnginZyme’s mission is to make biocatalysis the first choice for chemical process designers worldwide.

Biocatalysis offers a sustainable alternative to chemical catalysis in industry. Although the field of biocatalysis is now half a century old, biocatalysts are not yet the default choice for chemical process designers. EnginZyme was founded by a group of experienced Swedish scientists and entrepreneurs who believe that it is time for this to change. By creating products for easy and cost efficient implementation of biocatalytic processes, we help the chemical industry transition to a sustainable way of operating.

A general enzyme
immobilization matrix
General and predictable
Works with all enzymes through the use of tags

Easy to use
No tedious optimization required

High capacity
Large surface area and effective enzyme binding ensures high surface coverage

High activity
Gentle and non-destructive binding through His-tags

Ideal for flow chemistry
A core of Controlled Pore Glass makes for excellent fluid properties
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Biocatalytic Reaction Design

We offer consultancy services in the design of biocatalytic reactions, finding reusable and effective enzyme preparations. If desired, we collaborate with enzyme producers in screening for a biocatalyst for your reaction. We can also help you His-tag your enzyme for use with our immobilization matrix EziG.

Enzyme Finder™

Enzyme Finder, currently in development, is a computational search engine for enzymatic reactions. It will help organic chemists find enzymes for needed reactions, and demonstrate the versatility of biocatalysis as a replacement for standard catalysts. Our proprietary approach to construct Enzyme Finder encompasses the implementation of state-of-the-art computer science with enzymology. This service will be free of charge.

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