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changing chemistry for good

We’re unlocking the power of enzymes to ease the transition to greener, cleaner, manufacturing.

The global, $5 trillion chemical industry faces a reckoning. Chemical production is expected to quadruple by 2050 to meet ever-increasing demand. But the industry must cut greenhouse gas emissions by more than half to meet sustainability goals.

  • Nature'scatalysts

    Enzymes enable chemistry in the natural world. We unlock their potential as clean, precise, and efficient catalysts for sustainable manufacturing.

  • Cell-freebiomanufacturing

    Our patented immobilization technology enables efficient biomanufacturing without living organisms, using familiar tools and techniques.

  • Multidisciplinary expertise

    The enginzyme team includes experts in biocatalysis, organic chemistry, enzyme and process engineering, as well as AI and machine learning.

  • Full-stackapproach

    Our teams can take a potential application from conceptual evaluation all the way to industrial scale. A high degree of automation and agility ensures fast, accurate development.

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Our patented enzyme immobilisation technology enables best of both worlds biomanufacturing. We create bespoke, stable biocatalysts that can be used in multi-step enzymatic reactions, applying lessons from nature to modern manufacturing.

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