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Announcing our Series B round

Today, I’m pleased and proud to share that EnginZyme has raised a €21M Series B round of funding. New investors, including Bunge Ventures, Navigare Ventures and Almi Invest GreenTech, join existing investors Sofinnova Partners, SEB GreenTech VC and Industrifonden in the funding round.

We founded EnginZyme with a vision to change chemistry — for good. Currently, the vast majority of chemical manufacturing processes use heavy metals, a large amount of energy and fossil-based starting materials, generating far too much CO2 and waste to be sustainable.

Inspired by biology, we’re doing chemistry with enzymes, at low temperatures. The idea has been around for some time, but EnginZyme is the first to make it practical for the industry to implement. With our partners, we create modern process environments that are low-energy, low-waste, and truly sustainable.

In order for modern society to function, we need to produce everything — from medicines to flavorings, cosmetics, plastics and, in the long term, even fuel — in a more sustainable way. We believe we can make “the impossible possible” for sustainable, large-scale production that will preserve our planet for future generations.

With our new capital, we will execute our plans for large-scale global commercialization in current and new markets. We’ll also continue building new features of our core platform to ensure EnginZyme is the most powerful and reliable biomanufacturing platform for companies seeking to do the right thing in a way that makes economic sense.

The team that has built EnginZyme from scratch is nothing short of exceptional. Unique in their passions and strengths, yet united in their dedication and ambition, they are the pragmatic dreamers I had always hoped to work with. As EnginZyme enters its new phase of growth, we remain more committed than ever to building a company where people can do their life’s work, without compromises.

Now, as we head into the holiday, the EnginZyme team is preparing to enjoy some much-earned celebration and rest. Before I sign off, a final word to our partners and supporters: thank you for choosing us over the status quo and believing that our partnership can do good for the world. You have helped us shape EnginZyme into the platform it has become.

Karim Engelmark Cassimjee
CEO and Co-Founder, EnginZyme

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